Accelerates AI

Build Apps Faster With Low-Code/No-Code Model Development Kit (MDK)

Rapid collaboration and delivery of AI models to production is facilitated by abstraction layers that take care of boilerplate code and reduce the time from idea to application from weeks to hours. Use A360 Build or any Jupyter Notebook environment of your choice.

Scale AI Using Model Deployment as Code (MDAC) With Starpack

Starpack allows teams to package and deploy AI applications using code and software development workflows. MDAC means that apps are managed and compute resources are provisioned programmatically with monitoring, security and scale built-in.

A360 Model
Development Kit

  • Python-based API Library
  • Access data repositories securely without exposing credentials
  • Package models for deployment
  • Execute and track ML experiments
  • Publish and access project-based collaboration artifacts
  • Reduces Python code from thousands of lines to a few lines

A360 Starpack

  • Declarative extensible YAML approach to packaging and deployment
  • Complete AI portability with continuous model change management with versioning
  • Integration with GitOps for continuous production deployment using Kubernetes Operators
  • Use your own secure container image to conform to client security needs.
10+ AI Models in Production
1000+ AI Models in Production
100+ AI Models in Production

Every Company Needs AI, But Can They Scale AI?

The value of AI is clear, but managing AI infrastructure is time-consuming, expensive, and most platforms don’t play well with existing IT stacks. A360 delivers continuous development, continuous integration, and continuous feedback in your AI pipelines to ensure that you can respond to business challenges quickly and with clear ROI.

A sample of open source frameworks and tools that A360 can support

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