How Does A360 Accelerate AI For Business?

A360 is AI at the Speed of Business

A360 is a purpose-built AI Development and MLOps platform designed from the ground up to promote enterprise AI adoption with an open architecture, cloud-agnostic, and plug-and-play approach.

Create and manage AI applications with Continuous Development, Delivery, Integration, and Feedback across Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Business Users.

Explore the A360 AI Delivery Platform

Train and track models in A360 Build or import existing models. The A360 Model Development Kit uses a low-code framework to reduce your time from experiment to production while accessing data securely

Package with reproducibility and deploy to cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environments. Starpack uses Kubernetes to orchestrate secure containerization of AI applications at scale using a Model Deployment as Code framework.

Optimally serve your machine learning models on a fully managed and cloud-native compute infrastructure. Gain intelligent scaling and high availability on the cloud provider of your choice.

Ensure ongoing model performance to achieve business goals by monitoring key data drift, usage, and infrastructure metrics automatically generated by Starpack-based containers. Rapidly detect and collaborate on model performance through built-in visual dashboards.